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Privacy Policy of the Aesculap Academy website


Privacy Policy of the Aesculap Academy website 
Dear Aesculap Academy user,

Data protection is important to us, and we take it very seriously. We are committed to trust-based cooperation with you and strive to ensure your all-round satisfaction in every respect – and this is of course equally true of the way we handle your personal data. This Privacy Policy explains how we process your personal data. Our Privacy Policy supplements the Terms of Use for the Aesculap Academy.

The host of the Aesculap Academy website and responsible party within the meaning of the German data protection law is:

Aesculap Akademie GmbH
Am Aesculap Platz 1
78532 Tuttlingen
Tel. +49 (0) 74 61-95 20 01
Fax +49 (0) 74 61-95 2050

 1. General information on processing personal data                             
We collect, process and use your personal data within the B. Braun Group in compliance with the data protection laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the data protection regulations of the European Union. Under no circumstances will we forward your personal data to third parties outside of the B. Braun Group for advertising or marketing purposes without your consent.

Within our company, compliance with legal requirements and with this declaration is monitored by our internal Data Protection Officer. The entire Aesculap Academy team has been trained in handling personal data and is required to comply with the data protection regulations.

2. Type and extent of data use                                                              
We use your personal data exclusively to facilitate your use of the registration-based Internet services offered by the Aesculap Academy website to book courses, to provide target group-oriented functions, and to inform you electronically or by regular mail of targeted information and advertising offers for our courses and services.

3. Storage of your personal data

3.1 Mandatory information
To make use of the functions in the Aesculap Academy website, you are required to enter certain personal data that we process and store. You can manage your data at any time under "My Academy". If you would like your profile and data to be deleted, please send an e-mail to “”, since access to the personalised sections of the Aesculap Academy website is also revoked at the time your data is deleted.

The following data must be provided on registration:

- E-mail address
- User name
- Password
- Salutation
- Title
- First name
- Surname
- Street address
- Street number
- Postcode
- City
- Country

For security reasons, your login data (user name and password) may not be given to other persons. Our employees will never ask you for this data.
Please keep this data secret and do not forward it to others. Your personal password must have at least 8 characters with lower case and upper case letters. To increase password security, we recommend that you also include numbers and special characters. The decision regarding your selection of a password is part of your personal responsibility as the user of our website.

4. Deletion of your personal data                                                           
We only store your data for as long as is required and permitted by statutory regulations and/or as part of our business relationship, and for as long as you use our Academy services. All personal data is then deleted, provided that no statutory retention periods require otherwise.
If you would like your profile to be deleted, please send an e-mail to "", since access to the personalised sections of the Aesculap Academy website is also revoked at the time your data is deleted.
After registering as a user for the Aesculap Academy website, you will be able to book courses online or store these in a shopping cart, which can be accessed at any time under the "My Academy" tab.
6. Newsletters and regular status emails                                               
The Aesculap Academy website sends course information and status e-mails (hereinafter called "messages") to all Aesculap Academy members. The Aesculap Academy website uses these messages to inform you about new courses, to update you about the latest company developments and to forward certain personal data to you.

You can unregister selected messages at any time in your profile under "My Academy".

We have taken substantial precautions to safeguard the security of your data as a user of the Aesculap Academy website. We employ the industry standard SSL (secure sockets layer) to encode the data stored in the personalised sections of the Aesculap Academy website. Our IT systems are equipped with state-of-the-art protection against data loss and misuse. To protect your personal data against unauthorised access, you will be automatically logged off the Aesculap Academy website after 60 minutes of inactivity.

8.LinksThis Privacy Policy applies to all data collected and processed by the Aesculap Academy website. The Aesculap Academy website may also contain links to other Internet sites. We accept no responsibility for the handling of your data by the operators of other websites. When leaving the Academy website, therefore, we recommend that you ask all operators of linked websites for their data protection policies.

The Aesculap Academy website uses browser cookies, or session IDs, for the registration and login process, and for displaying the optional services in a proper, error-free manner. We use these solely for on-going improvements of our services and not to personally identify the users of the website. If you choose not to accept cookies, your use of our services may be limited.

10. Log files                                                                               
We also use IP addresses to analyse trends, manage the website, improve use of the website, and collect a range of general demographic data. You are advised that, in addition to the data you entered, we also store the IP address that you used to visit our portal, and that this data may be used to secure claims and to prepare a chain of evidence. We do not use the IP addresses for any other purpose; they are logged for preventive purposes only and it is ensured that the address cannot be traced back to a specific Aesculap Academy user.

11. Tracking                                                                                       
The Aesculap Academy website uses new technologies from etracker GmbH ( to collect and store anonymized data. Cookies that exclusively collect and store pseudonymised data may be used for this purpose. This data is used to create a user profile under a pseudonym. The data are not used to personally identify the users of this website, and are not matched up with the pseudonymised data. The user can object to the collection and storage of any future data at any time (link to etracker).

12. Your privacy rights as a ‘data subject’                                                 
As the data subject, you have the following rights vis-à-vis Aesculap Academy: 

1. To request information from the responsible party, e.g. about data stored about your person, the origin of the data and the purpose of the data storage, 

2. To correct inaccuracies in the stored data, 

3. To request the deletion of data that are no longer required, unless subject to a mandatory data retention period,

4. To revoke your consent, at any time, to process and use any of your personal data unless this is required on account of a legal regulation that takes priority or is directly needed to process an existing contractual relationship. 

Upon your request, we will provide you with a written statement, in accordance with the applicable law, advising whether we are storing personal data about you and, if so, which data. Moreover, you also have a right, as per the statutory regulations, to correct, block and delete these personal data. We have summarised this information, in accordance with Section 4 BDSG [Federal data protection act], in our public statement of data processing.

13. Your contact for data protection matters                                            
Should you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact our internal Data Protection Officer directly. He is also available to help with information enquiries, requests or complaints:

Ivan Muliadi
Aesculap Acad
emy Coordinator
14. Access to Privacy Policy                                                                  
You can download this Privacy Policy from any Aesculap Academy website under the "Privacy Policy" link.
15. Netiquette guidelines for use of the Aesculap Academy website 
 Rules for taking part in discussion groups:
 1. Express your opinions in a fair manner. Remain objective and refrain from personal abuse.

2. Refrain from posting content of a criminal, discriminating, racist, offensive, insulting or commercial nature, or linking to sites with such content.

3. Keep your posts concise, and post images only if absolutely necessary.

4. Do not post private data about others, such as names, addresses, telephone numbers or
e-mail addresses.

5. Respect third-party rights (in particular privacy, data privacy and copyrights) if you intend to publish messages that you received personally or articles from other authors, or if you intend to publish forum postings in some other way. Please consider that you are liable if you violate third-party rights.

Rights and obligations of the website host:

The website host can permanently maintain forum postings and edit, move, close or delete topics and postings. No claim can be asserted for such steps to be taken.

Anyone violating the rules for participation in discussion groups or general netiquette principles may be banned from further participation.

The website host is not liable for the factual and legal accuracy of postings or the content of sites linked to in user postings.

Effective from: 1 Oct. 2012

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